Walking Backwards to New Orleans 9

From Alf to Bert – yet, it’s Ambrose and his Orchestra. We begin with a jazzy bit of Cole Porter – My Heart Belongs to Daddy. It’s the only lyric I know that includes Finnan Haddie – good taste, eh?

(Cave: there’s a flickering effect from a fan on the visuals.)

For contrast here’s a non-jazzy Isn’t It Romantic. It reminds me of the observation that Richard Rogers wrote better tunes when his lyricist was the sharp and dry Lorenz Hart rather than the schmalzy Oscar Hammerstein.


What do you know about the Ish**r Gate and Barry Soetoro’s acceptance of the nomination speech, or of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Berlin?

Why did so much evil come out of Germany, including Bavaria and Berlin, from Bismark onwards but especially, of course, around 1912 to 1945? And today under Merkel? Why was Warburg running the meeting on Jeckyl Island in 1910?

You can pick up good points from most philosophies

As has been repeatedly pointed out here, this blog is political, not religious … but sometimes the lessons from one can flow over to the other.

One can find material to learn from anywhere – in Buddhist works, even in gnostic writings, pagan, even in Islamic articles – you don’t have to buy a philosophy in order to see good points they might make along the way – even the left, in outlining their issues, often make good initial points, then get it all wrong in their solutions.

Plus they lie, deny, refuseto accept how they themselves are causing so many of the problems.

But it does help to have a core belief system to start at base level, e.g. not aborting full term babies.

If you are a dualist, like the pagans, satanists, illumined, then you believe that good and evil are two equal and opposed forces which must be balanced. A Christian says tosh, there is the way a machine is designed to be used and ‘evil’ is therefore trying to use it the wrong way, e.g. in buggery. One is an addition to human life, the other is a bringing down.

Two vicious, hate-speaking nazi thugs

Just look at those jackboots, tattoos and nazi uniforms:

That was made a year ago, yesterday, Martin Selner and the group were acquitted of whatever they were had up on.

Both, as readers here know, were thrown in jail in Britain for wanting to meet Tommy Robinson. The globalist hegemony doesn’t like being called out.

Personally, I like their chemistry, these two, hope life works out for them together. As Martin says though, it has got to the stage of banning entire movements, whilst known violent groups like Antifa carry out their violence with impunity.