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housekeeping and issues in blogging

Saturday too

1. Was it dark matter or not? https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/02/more-bad-news-for-controversial-20-year-old-claim-of-dark-matter-detection/ 2. A woman whose twitter handle starts with Dr. and finishes with oxford diplomat, is trying to make out there is something untoward here:

Strange friendships

Bit of artistic licence here – my Papa dun told me, lyin’ on his bed of death – boy, never speak of politics, sex or religion in polite company. So what does his son do? Creates a blog about just…

Saturday omnibus

1. Hope so: 2. Amfortas finally gets a word in edgeways with his announcement that the music did not die after all in 1959: http://parzivalshorse.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-music-didnt-die.html 3. Via Rossa’s mother: https://gatesofvienna.net/2019/02/a-greater-wreck-than-the-hesperus/

Friday too

1. Non-comedian and all round Richard Cranium, “Andrew Sachs” Brand, says that before tickling your kid, he/she must give explicit consent: 2. Hot on his heels, another Dick in Davos: Bono – if Africa fails, Europe cannot succeed. Suffer the…


1. When Plod go rogue or too obviously work for the Man [or in May’s case, incompetent scumbag]: 2. It became quite a big issue, did it not? The Balance of Force Is…Unfavorable 3. The Scots have their own Stonehenge…

Press on, regardless

That title used to be the fond name for the Scout Association manual for leaders but let’s not dwell on boy scouts these days, eh? If I’m at all like you, dear reader, I hate wasting space and wasting breath,…