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housekeeping and issues in blogging


1. That SOTU again: 2. More on the egregious Netflix: 3. These nasties have been happening since Pretty Woman:


1. The old wisdom still applies: 2. Chuckles said – 1. I wouldn’t trust those numbers. 2. The message is not what you think it is:


1. Can’t we be serious for once? 2. It only hurts when I laugh: 3. Cool for cats [meaning important for techies]:

Some housekeeping

1. Pizzagate What began as a short post burgeoned into a long dossier, thanks mainly to Distant Relative but it’s become unwieldy, so I’ve started some editing, as explained in Comment 2 below the post:/c94/2018/07/pizzagate/ 2. Blogrolls Watchful readers…


1. Completely out of order – we leave March 29th, end of: 2. Two from Bruce Charlton: The point about flogging a dead horse is that the flogging is presumably supposed to achieve something – perhaps to encourage the…