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housekeeping and issues in blogging

Changes to nourishing blogrolls

First off, the url has changed from http to https but Blogger say that the old url still takes you there: Secondly, I’ve made some cosmetic changes today but the really big change is coming up on Valentine’s Day.…


1. The morning routine: 2. Good thing too: Melania Trump: Telegraph apologises and pays damages 3.?Courtesy Rossa’s mother: Gates of Vienna take on the yellow vest issue:

Eve of destruction?

Blogging resumes at midday. We are facing something right now that I think there’s a case to say we haven’t faced before in our lifetime, not to this extent, especially in the last item covered below.? To try to gather…

Thursday too

1. Similar here with Remoaners: 2. Now for Krankie: 3. John Redwood: Pres Macron & Chancellor Merkel signed a Franco German Treaty at Aachen. It sets up a governing comm. for a common European army. During the referendum Leave…


1. Whatever the nuclear option is, this must be stomped on: 2. Important: 3. People are moaning that they couldn’t see the bloodmoon – I slapped this on the window and saw it quite clearly: