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The boy who asked why

Changes to nourishing blogrolls

First off, the url has changed from http to https but Blogger say that the old url still takes you there: https://nourishingblogrolls.blogspot.com/ Secondly, I’ve made some cosmetic changes today but the really big change is coming up on Valentine’s Day.…


Sometimes, rather than list all sorts of insanity, it may be better to list just one single example, then look at that person and wonder what on earth went wrong with her brain, just how it happened: Says she’s a’senior’…


1. The morning routine: 2. Good thing too: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-47013324 Melania Trump: Telegraph apologises and pays damages 3.?Courtesy Rossa’s mother: Gates of Vienna take on the yellow vest issue:

Open road again

http://dailytimewaster.blogspot.com/2019/01/friday-open-road_25.html Courtesy Chuckles.? That will have to suffice until evening from this blog, see you later on.


What do you know about the Ish**r Gate and Barry Soetoro’s acceptance of the nomination speech, or of Kaiser Wilhelm II and Berlin? Why did so much evil come out of Germany, including Bavaria and Berlin, from Bismark onwards but…