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As has been repeatedly pointed out here, this blog is political, not religious … but sometimes the lessons from one can flow over to the other.

One can find material to learn from anywhere – in Buddhist works, even in gnostic writings, pagan, even in Islamic articles – you don’t have to buy a philosophy in order to see good points they might make along the way – even the left, in outlining their issues, often make good initial points, then get it all wrong in their solutions.

Plus they lie, deny, refuseto accept how they themselves are causing so many of the problems.

But it does help to have a core belief system to start at base level, e.g. not aborting full term babies.

If you are a dualist, like the pagans, satanists, illumined, then you believe that good and evil are two equal and opposed forces which must be balanced. A Christian says tosh, there is the way a machine is designed to be used and ‘evil’ is therefore trying to use it the wrong way, e.g. in buggery. One is an addition to human life, the other is a bringing down.

More politically, in the States, there is a core belief system for many in the Constitution, and then there are lost souls like Bush, the Dulles Bros, Kissinger, the Dem leaders right now, who try to overturn or chip away at the Constitution, white-ant the country.

Principle is the same though – the belief system was set up in the first place to assist mankind, those bringing it down are aligned with the one third fallen angels, to mix metaphors. There really are parallels and common themes run through history and across civilisations.

If we’re going to look at world history, we can’t cut out huge swathes of people we don’t like, steeped in their beliefs, otherwise we’re missing their motivations. ?I therefore question the qualifications of investigators who select what they’ll count and what they won’t through prejudice.

A perfect example is that, in order to counter Islam, one must get past the apologists and faux histories and look at their own material which motivates them.

The first vid in this post is Mark Fairley’s latest, coming up in summer and this is the pilot clip. It is intended for Christians, he is a pastor of sorts, so he’s obviously going to use religious language, that is the slant – and yet he makes some universal points, which is the reason I’m running this morning – there are some universal truths in there.

False prophets

Methinks that needs no further comment, it’s pretty clear that in the political world right now, the RINOs and CINOs are rife and in the religious world, there are false prophets everywhere, dirtying the name of the faith. ?I’d go so far as to say that every major church is infiltrated and all key roles are in the hands of anti-Christians.

The Jezebel spirit

This one is more difficult to get a handle on, it’s far more susceptible to misinterpretation. As he points out, it’s both males and females who are doing it but the female seems more adept at it.

He puts up this chart:

He runs another series where he shows the police in both roles.? It’s an unfortunate example at the time of the Macron Plod bashings of females and even this post must sit uneasily with many.

There are many, many vids and articles on the Jezebel spirit, including a blog named after it and lauding it –? a feminazi blog of course.? This below is near-unreadable as there is no clear point in the vid where I could have taken a screenshot:

#? Seeks out weaker people to control
#? Unnatural sense of self-importance
#? Requires excessive admiration/attention
#? Arrogant, haughty behaviours and attitudes
#? Lacks self-control, emotional, doesn’t care about others
#? Exploiting, ever-accusing, manipulating
# ?Devoid of empathy but can mimic it in order to control
#? Jealous/envious of others, believes others are of them
#? Defensive and combative,? turns it back on the confronter
#? Fantasies about unlimited adoration, power etc.
#? Believes himself superior/unique

There is another demographic which fits those traits – the child. ?The psychiatrists don’t call it Jezebel spirit, they use words like sociopathy, psychopathy.

It can be found within the same person or group of people.? The Muslims, for example, use taqqiya when in a weak position, they crawl to the authorities, play the victim, but when in sufficient numbers, they always become arrogant and vicious, e.g. in Muslim lands or the invaders of our own.

Mark’s vid going into those points is below.? He differs from the points in brown above in one respect – he says that the Jezebel [male or female] goes for the strong man, not the weak, to try to seduce and control.? He/she always aims for the movers and shakers and derives power through them, the aim always to control those people.

Just one point about this – there is legitimate aligning with a strong person, a woman is wise to, but where it crosses the line is when it becomes manipulation in order to control.

The example of Elijah is used – strong man, fights wars, opposes armies, but can be brought down by one woman. ?Corialanus is one in fiction.

In politics, Yuri Bezmenov said similar – the KGB would always aim for the rightwingers of strength, not the useful idiot left who were already under their control.? Thus, in his KGB days, he would have tried to co-opt G Edward Griffin himself, the interviewer, the John Birch man.

Interesting, eh?

We’ll come back, further down, to that man at the front of the clip above.

Looking at the current day, this below is a modern embodiment of the Jezebel spirit, surprisingly posted by a woman:

She admits that this is but one case study of one psycho, yet the lady herself extrapolates it to encompass the Female as such, she feels that that is a valid extrapolation.

I know men who use the technique too but the female seems consummate at it.

“There must be some way to bring him back,” wails Scarlett.

Tactics, technique are all which concern her, scheming … when all she really needed do was be true in the first place.

What does the Jezebel do when he/she discovers that he/she has not actually got the other under control?

Easy – moves on.

What can stymie this Jezebel? A genuine Christian, for example, who avoids the seven deadly sins as far as possible – as in Kipling’s If rather than in Maugham’s Rain.

Evelyn Waugh was once taken to task over his treatment of Nancy Mitford at a dinner and was admonished – how could he have done that if he was supposedly a good Catholic?

Madam, he said [or thereabouts] – imagine how much worse I would be were I not a good Catholic.? Like Waugh, I can say it’s the only thing preventing me from going over to the dark side and even then it’s touch and go.

The Nimrod spirit

The original embodiment of these two spirits were Nimrod and Semiramis – the latter being every Messalina or Jezebel who ever lived.? Incidentally – have a good look at that word Jezebel – the bel means baal and we’ll go no further on that at this time.

So, Nimrod uses brute strength to win the day and that applies to every huge army or navy, every strong politician. It also applies to every brute ever born, it applies to that man portrayed above.

Why oh why do females fall for the bad boy strongman?? He’s only going to knock her around, being part-Jezebel himself.? That portrayal is disturbing, the very notion of hitting a woman is low, cowardly in my book but that’s because of 1. upbringing and 2. Christian suppression of the instinct.

A most disturbing phenomenon right now on the streets is Plod laying into women.? True, leftist women are now vile creatures, harpies, but Plod treat rightwing women as though they are those harpies … but they are actually just outraged law-abiding, amateur women, totally unsuited to hitting back.

Which is another reason that a woman alone at a march like that is insane – women should never be on the front line of combat for any reason, least of all rightwing women – I’ve said it over and over and over, I’m sick of saying it – get the women and children out of there.? Her job is protecting her family.

Yesterday I was called condescending [a Greek abseiler coming down a cliff face?] but I call it realistic – there are things I can do, things I can’t, there are things you can do, things you can’t.? It’s just how life is.

That Jezebel spirit is a temptation to anyone at any time, which is why everyone needs a moral code to at least pay lip service to.

To observe how people in public life have now abandoned any socially limiting constraints, to observe how any such codes are being systematically dismantled by the global left hegemony – it’s dismaying and worrying for anyone needing to protect family and even oneself.

You can choose any words at all to describe these elite baddies – globalist left, left liberals, crony capitalists, deep state, illuminati, Masonry, satan’s little helpers – doesn’t matter how you label Them, their purpose is clear.

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