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Just look at those jackboots, tattoos and nazi uniforms:

That was made a year ago, yesterday, Martin Selner and the group were acquitted of whatever they were had up on.

Both, as readers here know, were thrown in jail in Britain for wanting to meet Tommy Robinson. The globalist hegemony doesn’t like being called out.

Personally, I like their chemistry, these two, hope life works out for them together. As Martin says though, it has got to the stage of banning entire movements, whilst known violent groups like Antifa carry out their violence with impunity.

And I would add Momentum over here.

The discrepancy, the complete lack of balance in the official and MSM treatment of each side of this argument is quite marked.

Meanwhile, in France, unless you can access Twitter, you’ll just have to take my word for it:

… yet another example of outright thuggery. The police thugs saw a female by herself – they can’t tackle the males who are in numbers – started dragging her along the street, she was wearing a helmet, one of the thugs then knocked the helmet off her head with a baton and they kept dragging her along the ground.

This is surely such terrible publicity for Macron Plod, such utter cowardice from Plod, as it is over here, so one asks why these ultra-violent, yet cowardly tactics?

And for the cynical, in a similar way to asking why the breaking of the GFA in Ireland, one can only conclude that the establishment must have open warfare or revolution going before 2020, when they announce the new martial law to quell “the unrest” they have created.

What follows is the new currency, the creation of a ruling politburo and all the rest of it.

Just as Svali foretold in her 2020 prediction in 2000.

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