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Everyone gets these situations which tend to come in threes and I’m having mine now.

The worst is health and enough on that, the second is a neighbour and I’ll go into that below, the third is this new laptop which has started buzzing continuously now, making it impossible to use for more than about 20 minutes. The third issue I can sort out, so won’t dwell on that.

The neighbour is much trickier. As I explained to a friend, I’ve seen this type before, both domestically and in my workplace over time, especially as a headmaster.? What we are talking about is an Unreasonable Person.

A Reasonable Person, in the first place, does not run his TV right next to my bedroom wall at full blast through the night.? The full blast is no exaggeration – if you were to stand ten feet from his front door, you would hear the blast.? I hear it not only in the bedroom but in the front room too, where I sleep and I do that because the TV in that place has always been an issue in the bedroom, for more than a decade.

He is now leaving it on from early evening until about 3 a.m. and the change is that it is now at full blast, then he turns it off, then switches it back on again about 5.30 a.m. – every night except Saturday, when he goes out.? I have knocked on his door about ten times over the past week, I have not slept, the heart is starting to play up again.

The design of this place is bad – British workmanship – and the walls are paper thin. My friend said to me a couple of days ago that I need to be compassionate, understanding. The landlord said the same. The milk of human kindness shows through with both these lovely people – after all, we’re normally Reasonable People, are we not?? What’s more natural than to say forgive, forgive, forgive and then forgive again?


Unless you’re the one in the cauldron of course, which my LL is not and he knows the score full well, as the neighbour the other side had to be thrown out a year ago for similar … but not on my multiple complaints, only when a neighbour downstairs complained.? And then there was the neighbour further down the corridor when people downstairs complained over and over.

The reason no one else has complained about Mr. TV is that Mr. Ghetto Blaster below him, Mr. Music Centre, is equally as loud for him … but I don’t hear that noise and so don’t worry.

My neighbour here on the other side, the good side these days, is a Reasonable Person, she keeps her noise down, I keep mine down. We get on famously, so I am capable of getting along with people who are Reasonable.

I told my mate about it when he visited yesterday and his attitude was quite different – that type needs dealing with immediately.? I agree.? I don’t mean his lights punched out, I mean the initial approach soft … and yet I know the type, so does my mate.? We’ve both seen it at work and home over the years.

As I pointed out to my dear sweet friend who’s all for forgiveness, there are most certainly types of people and one type is the Unreasonable Person.

Here is one here:

Is Any Leftist Capable of Feeling Shame?

You may like to read the comments below that post [click the title to get there].

A year or so ago, the father of the [then] hooligans next door here stayed overnight a few times and his trick was whistling all night. Then he’d sleep once people had gone to work next morning, bleary-eyed. I called him Mr. Whistly. He was totally Unreasonable and apparently had form, so I found out.? He was not unlike old men doing woodworking in the middle of the night in a house full of flats.

My sweethearted friend did see this, being a Reasonable Person, she is not that leftist churchman in the SDA post above and she told me her own story from the past. That person came to be known as Miss Stompy – in the middle of the night, she’d move all the furniture in the flat above and do dance routines. Apart from that foible, she was apparently butter wouldn’t melt.

Another person said to me that a Reasonable Person does not run a TV at full blast at 3 a.m. in the first place.? No, some sort of [un]common sense kicks into a Reasonable Person’s brain which says – bad idea making cacophony between 11 p.m. and dawn, not good for anyone, a bit unfair in fact.

Not a bad idea to the Unreasonable Person though, in fact it’s neither bad nor good to him – he will just do precisely what he wants.? This is where Libertarianism becomes Licentiousness, do as thou wilt and damn anyone else.

And of course, when he sees anything like the note I just left on his front doormat at 02:50, it will immediately be interpreted as an attack which requires counterattack, so now I must brace for that.

What he will not see is someone who will take him out with a crowbar, because I will do that if necessary to defend myself. The note, you see, was softly worded, to placate the Landlord as a second approach, the first approach being the ten times I’ve knocked on Mr. TV’s door over the last week.

And as I myself have pointed out on this blog a few times in the past, in these situations, who is the one hurt? Is it ever the noise blaster? Or is it the poor sod who has had to put up with it under the rules of Good Neighbourliness?

Guess whom Plod will blame and guess whom Plod will turn a blind eye to?

Extending this to the public sphere

Moving away from my own situation and looking at, say, Remoaner behaviour at the moment or, say, Democrat behaviour or, say, Muslim demands, then such things are not going to end well for those people, though they feel there’s no issue at all, everything’s fine except for these hatespeechers.

One way or another, that bitch Karma is going to catch up with those bstds, and I’d say sooner rather than later.

But of course, the authorities are ready for us to be pushed too far, aren’t they?

The next post will be around 08:30 if I’m awake.

4 comments for “Reasonable and Unreasonable People

    • January 28, 2019 at 08:52

      Followed to the letter, with the exception that my landlord and I are close, so he is being told my every move in detail and the tone I’m using.

      The bstd has his volume full bore this morning and he had not seen the note. I re-read it just now to see if it was soft enough and have put it back under his door. Phoned LL and explained all first. He is up to speed.

      I used the words in the note, ‘Let’s do this in a friendly way’ and ‘you may not have been aware of this’.

      So, shall report developments here.

  1. January 28, 2019 at 14:29

    Neither shame nor reason have any sway on white trash.

  2. January 28, 2019 at 23:30

    I guess you have not tried this yet so I shall suggest it. Embellish as you may. 1. tear one of his arms off. 2. shove the soggy end down his throat.

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