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The Donald has ended the shutdown and the MSM is crowing that he’s lost bigtime.

There are two entirely separate conclusions to draw – the first is what he already probably knew so to run this risk seems strange:

1. The logical but partly naive view

The Donald was banking on decency from the Democrats, that they might care for the Federal workers as he seems to.

They don’t, they care only for power, for the global agenda and for bringing him down – therefore they were perfectly happy for the workers they supposedly fight for being unpaid over winter.

Workers such as the USCG are Trump’s base though, not theirs, they simply couldn’t care less, the Dems.

Plus his treasonous GOP colleagues who fold under the slightest pressure and betray.

So yes, in one sense he lost but as his eyes are on 2020, he also gained. The pressure on him not to have another shutdown but in fact to invoke the emergency powers, is immense, I feel as he wanted, he needs the validation to proceed.

2.? The Neon Revolt view

Here we get into Q and Rossa’s mother’s sharp eyes.? Before looking at this, one of the most annoying thing bloggers can do is poorly navigate and thus there is no separate url for this, one has to scroll down:


… until reaching Clandestine Rosenstein whose view is mine, namely that the Donald is playing a long game here and must get it into people’s minds, especially the Dem voters who are indigenous, that the Dems care absolutely nothing for them and he does.

He cannot be returned in 2020 unless he is seen as sticking up for all the workers.? However, in us clamouring and baying for him to invoke the emergency powers, we are walking straight into a trap.? Go to my key posts, look for triangle and click, read about him being at the apex of the military triangle.

Question is whether he is for us and for Israel … or whether he is the antiChrist spoken of who will defile the new temple in Jerusalem after they have hailed him as a deliverer.

Against that last point is that the antiChrist must have no regard for women and maybe that does not apply in the Donald’s case, maybe it does in another way.? Also, he had to have near-died and come back, which fits Prince William more nearly.

Whoever it is must be charismatic too, which the Donald is but William is not and Charles most certainly is not.

Another element to throw in is that point about why the EU [Germany] is doing this and elsewhere is written that they wish to wreck the UK’s England, take its wealth.? It’s always been the German plan but now the German plan is the global plan.

One needs also to go back to Svali and re-read.? She made some things clear in 2000:

1. The illumined most certainly have pencilled in 2020 for the takeover and revelation of the new world leaders;

2. There MUST be some sort of global catastrophe before then – natural, war, revolution, civil war, matters not. What matters is that the conditions must be such that a strong leader steps in and promises to give relief to all in exchange for a bit of martial law for now [see Palpatine].

3. The timing is not exact because the illumined have tried and failed before, e.g. 1999/2000. Like the left, they explain that away as ‘other circumstances’ or ‘a failure of a conjunction of circumstances’. And they keep on doing as they were doing – ruining, bringing down, mediocritising.

This failure of circumstances to come together is a major theme in the last part of my long book Masquerade. I confess to bringing in an angel in the last few chapters who explains to the terrible two what it’s all about. She explains that in our linear time, it’s birth through to death but in their timeframe, nothing happens without all the circumstances being present at one time and that cannot be predicted on linear timelines.

It’s not unlike a chemical reaction – you could have four out of five conditions present but unless the fifth is there, nothing happens.

Now, if you buy into the above in this post, then I or you could make a case that – even if what we say is true, without those circumstances all being present, it ain’t gonna happen, not right now.

this model or analogy works well, it explains asteroids hitting earth, it explains why some revolutions succeed,some don’t. It also explains why Jesus of Nazareth spoke of a thief in the night and no one knowing when He will return – not even He knows.

That’s pretty heady stuff and in these political posts, some strains of religion are going to waft in in the next couple of days, mainly because they are germane to our current condition.

2 comments for “It’s a loss in one way but not in another

  1. Distant Relative
    January 26, 2019 at 13:30

    Gab is a pain in the wotsits to navigate. If it is Clandestine Rosenstein twitter thread you want it is here: https://twitter.com/ClandestineRos1/status/1088900046739918851

    Also see the tweet from the Donald
    I wish people would read or listen to my words on the Border Wall. This was in no way a concession. It was taking care of millions of people who were getting badly hurt by the Shutdown with the understanding that in 21 days, if no deal is done, it’s off to the races!
    4:33 PM – 25 Jan 2019

    Good move, imo. Pay the people, give Dims their chance to negotiate for 3 weeks though we know and Trump knows they won’t, then call a National Emergency and get the army to build the wall. Trump will have to rely on the SC to back him on an NE I think ? If that’s so, where the hell is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? Rumour is that she’s dead and the DS have got her on ice somewhere ready to be rolled out for a flashy funeral whenever the next need for an MSM narrative change is required as they did with GHWB who it is alleged died on or about 14 Nov, not 30 Nov. DS could use RBG to cancel SOTU.

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