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There is no more important topic than this and yet there is no topic more fraught with disinformation, refusal to consider, dismissal and a hundred obstacles to understanding. There is no topic more heavily dependent on copious pre-reading and having followed it for years.

You simply can’t come in with peripheral glances and then decide on that basis. And yet who will do that pre-reading, as it is sordid and mired with mistruths at every step.

There is a topic today by me at N.O., a personal topic and that’s real to me. There is all the Comey/Soubry/Adonis/Strzok guff also going on to distract everyone and it also is both theatre, yet real in what it is trying to prevent. We need to report on every single one of these, but not to the exclusion of the really dark atrocities going on.

To cover these up, there’s another layer of atrocities:

Yep, it’s the world of the Toronto killing, the Muslim rape gangs, vans ploughing into crowds and all that … except it’s not just the Muslims, is it?? There are certainly Rotherham, Telford and all the rest of them but what is desperately kept out of the news are the care homes here and on Jersey, plus the Belgium horrors I posted on, plus now pizzagate.

And there is uncanny coincidence going on – if I forget to post on a topic because there are so many other topics to cover, suddenly, there it is in all its sickening detail in front of me.? What am I to do?

And yet again, those not able to access Twitter are missing the cutting edge of news – that is the platform, despite the attempts by management, which brings what is and what isn’t, which is why the Donald uses it, as does every major player today.

But there is so much deliberate misinformation put out and it gets thicker the closer you get to the truth.? That girl’s photo could be a faked one, easily, her name fake, her current day avatar faked … could be, could be faked, I’ve seen some which seem more and more to be fake.

But not all.? Alisha Owen and Paul Bonacci were real, the testimony by the girls in Belgium was real.? We know Harman and Hewitt supported PIE, we see these animals now openly pushing child sex, including Whoopi Goldberg who was seen on The View asking is it so bad if the child initiates it?? WTF?? What is going on now?? These people are abetting crimes. And don’t forget Corey Feldman on Hollywood.

Plus it’s interwoven:

It’s not as if we weren’t warned – Cyril Smith, Epstein, Airmiles Andy, Dolphin Square and even if Cliff Richard was let off, why did the police choose him and not, say, Joe Bloggs down the road?? Why him?? Because there is so much iffy about that man – I did not say conclusively proving guilt but you could find the story with very little research needed.

I say you could once access it because there’s something else going on now, isn’t there – the removal of material from the web.

Don’t you understand that this is the Man we’re messing with here, these are the actual rulers of darkness.

Let’s come back to this woman Sarah Ruth Ashcraft,?this is her thread for those who can access it.? I’m sorry, I’m not doing multiple screenshots for the non-Twitterised.

Now immediately I say to you – you don’t need to tell me about scamming, jumping on bandwagons – in the 90s it was to do with Cheney, now it’s HRC.? I buy what you say, I’m not a fervent believer … but I am a believer because of the sheer weight of evidence which has come through since the 70s.

And sometimes they give themselves away.? The False Memory Syndrome lot were specifically set up to debunk child claims and how easy is it to dismiss a child, yes?? How reliable is a child?? Would you believe your own child if he/she came up with some fantasy about tunnels?

And yes, I buy the criticism about coercion by the interviewers – we’ve seen evidence of that too.? But not in all cases – as one of the main players noted in the 80s – what, was there a worldwide conspiracy of toddlers?

After it had all died down and the False Memory Syndrome people faded away, anyone who cared to look up the major players saw establishment figures with dubious connections and in some cases crimes against their own names.


You have to dig to find these things, ask Google the right questions, not the usual questions.

But then came the open evidence – the 1973 MK Ultra prosecution, the Owen and Bonacci story, Belgium and now people are thinking hmmm, maybe there is something to this.? And what do you see the evidence doing?? Dying away, uncorroborated?? No, you’re seeing new allegations every so often.

No, I don’t uncritically accept this woman, mainly because her initials are SRA – those with eyes will see the significance of this.? I could well have one of the many establishment released scams here but for each one of these perpetrated, how many are left uncovered?? She is certainly not saying anything I was not well aware of from the years of looking for evidence.

112 comments for “Pizzagate

  1. Distant Relative
    July 24, 2018 at 15:47

    A few things:


    See page 294 of the recent IG Report re Coleman Interview 4 Oct and notes taken by same – https://www.justice.gov/file/1071991/download

    Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Tied to Chines Kindergarten Embroiled in Bizarre Sexual Abuse Scandal http://archive.is/sFSyk
    It really is World Wide.

    Other Clinton Foundation officials and nefarious actions – See Laura Silsby case.

    NXIVM and the Bronfman heiresses – https://forward.com/fast-forward/385451/bronfman-sisters-named-as-members-of-shadowy-group-that-branded-women/

    And so few comments on this post….. ??

    • July 24, 2018 at 16:26

      I was so hoping you could come in and put some meat on it, DR. Cheers.

      Think some of the reasons there are no comments apart from ours are:

      1. Silly season;
      2. Don’t believe it;
      3. Appalled, distasteful;
      4. Hard to know what to look for;
      5. Couldn’t really care less – just a bunch of poor kids.

  2. Distant Relative
    July 24, 2018 at 17:30

    Addendum – Clare Bronfman arrested today. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/new-york/articles/2018-07-24/seagrams-heiress-arrested-in-nxivm-sex-trafficking-case

    Re your list of reasons for absence of comments – 6. SRA is superstitious nonsense to which I say it doesn’t matter whether you believe in it or not but THEY do.

    Got a few other things to add but need to do more digging when time permits. RL getting in the way atm.

  3. Toodles McGhee
    July 25, 2018 at 04:40

    James and DR I am keeping up with this post and it is indeed horrific. I did not view the site of which you warned us, DR. As you said, it is hard to take in one sitting.

    It is hard to fathom that such vileness exists. What can one do to help with such deep rooted atrocities committed by such powerful and far reaching entities? I know one thing I can do. Suggestions. Anyone?

    As a young teen I escaped sexual abuse from someone in my neighborhood. I got away as swiftly as I could. The advances by this person had not gone very far before I realised something was not proper to say the least. At that time, as a 13 year old I was very naive. Afterwards, I thought what did I do to cause that weird behaviour? Silly, I know.

    After that I did not return to babysit at that house. The thing is…I escaped. Many years later I discovered that there were other children younger than I who suffered sexual abuse by this person. He supplied drugs to some of the children, the younger ones who grew up with it supplied by him, and they had all become buddies, I understand. Yes, he made buddies with them.

    This was a nice neighborhood and then they moved in. Nice family with children, they were. It is with the utmost regret that I never told a soul what happened to me. I was confused and ashamed and it had not gone beyond an attempted kiss. With others it went very far, very far. How do I know? Because my younger sister who my brother and I had protected from a bully down the street years before, only to be eventually delivered into the hands of sheer manipulative evil for years.

    As I said, she was not the only one.
    It is hard for me to imagine the lives that would have had a different turn, a better path, had one 13 year old said something to at least one person back in 1968. Instead she buried it in her soul, got involved with school activities and has had a swell life and opportunities beyond anything she deserved. It is her burden to bear.

    If she had said just something my sister would perhaps not have gotten involved in the things she did. She actually married a fine man and had three children. He is an amazing man. She still deals with guilt…that of a 10 year old who abuses a grown man (ha!)…the abuse by that man continued until she married. I was told he tried to continue after her marriage, but she resisted. She was so twisted by this shell of a human. The other children, one across the street from us and a playmate of my sister was handled and abused by the human shell as well. She has moved far away. The family pretty much fell apart. The father drank himself to death…guilt. The mother drank too. Had a lonely life. Died younger than necessary. They felt they had failed as parents. My folks never knew. We …I discovered it after Mother’s death.

    The little fellow down the road — he and his three brothers got mixed up with the human shell. That fellow ended his life because of the guilt. I heard what he had done to the youngest girl I had actually taken care of…and I did take good care of those children when I sat for them, the children of the abuser and his stupid wife. To this day when I see them they hug on me and become my little children again. They were 11, 10 and 9 years younger than me. They were little stairsteps when I kept them. When I still lived at home and was no longer officially sitting for the family they still came to see me and I would fix them sandwiches, or let them help with a project. My mother did also. We wondered why they were not home with the babysitter. What a joke that was on us!

    To this day the stairsteps become kids again with me all talking at once trying to sit beside me. They tower over me. And they are old. One child has done fine. The other two sadder than you want to hear.

    The fellow that committed suicide, a real ironic tale concerning him. See if this makes a lick of sense…he was lured in by the shell man, abuser. By the hands of the abuser he apparently experienced things. He then perpatrates his filth upon the child of shell man, his very own abuser. She was eight at this time. I was gone off to college then. That is when things took hold apparently in an even more aggressive way. Eventually, the abuse family moved out of the neighborhood. I suppose all the damage had been done. Time to spread the hate somewhere else. Later, I was told, when the fellow was a very young adult he went to visit the child who was in her late teens by then. He said he was sorry and the next day killed himself. How do I know what and how that happened? The woman who is the very own child of the abuser told me herself. She is still eight years old after forty or more years. If only that 13 year old had not been concerned just for herself. She had no idea. She, I was trying to survive myself.

    I was told [yes I started investigating] by some of the victims that this man supplied those who wanted it marijuana, he gave them money and taught them how to lie. Apparently it is an art form. I remember one victim said he, the human shell, insisted that they at all times look their parents [Before they moved, things must have started coming apart. Maybe a parent became suspicious.] or whomever was asking questions in the eyes. Another part of the training session was to hold something in their hands such as a glass of water so their hands wouldn’t give them away…keep them busy. I was told by a victim that he demonstrated how things were to be done. Somehow it was leaked that a parent suspected something. Abuser was alerted so he implemented a training session of sorts.

    Does this true story help any of us know what to do for the victims who are the topic of this post and to their abusers? Maybe not, but it does point out that if these children can be abused and contaminated by someone right under their parents noses, all the Pizzagate junk is possible…they are more sophisticated and have money and power.

    That concludes my story, one that I had not intended to share here. But, why the hello not?

    • Distant Relative
      July 25, 2018 at 09:43

      Firstly Toodles don’t beat yourself up for something you didn’t do as a child. More of us have those kind of moments than we let on. The reason I am so passionate about exposing these “human shells” as you put it is because something similar happened in my immediate family and eventually I spoke out but nobody believed me. My grand-parents would have but all hell would’ve broken out if I’d told them and I was scared because I was threatened by those who should have been most supportive. My family, such as it was after my beloved grand-parents died, fell apart. Only years later at a family gathering of my aunt and cousins did they admit they all suspected something untoward was going on at the time. But they didn’t speak out! One of my cousins redeemed herself by working for the NSPCC trying to undo the abuse perpetrated by these “human shells” until she could no longer cope with what she was facing daily. She turned to the bottle for solace.

      Your POTUS has done a lot to bring these perverts to justice – more in his tenure so far than Obama did in the whole of his. And there was the EO signed on 21 December which deals with human trafficking specifically – hits them where it hurts – confiscates their ill-gotten gains. These facilitators for “human shells” just see children and the vulnerable as currency. The UK officialdom on the other hand do their damnedest to quash any exposure – muslim perp groups seem to be excluded – because the trail of perversion seems to lead to the Establishment itself – Edward Heath one of our past Prime Ministers for example.

      One thing I would add is that there are more ordinary folk like us who know about child abuse than we may realise. For example we got some new British neighbours a couple of years ago so we did the usual neighbourly thing and invited them round for drinks and gave them the third degree ?? He used to work at the Beeb as a techy for famous TV and radio shows and he volunteered without any prompting from yours truly that the general consensus amongst his co-workers was that Child Line was set up as a gatekeeping enterprise. Colour me gobsmacked! His wife told us she like me went to a mixed RC infant school with a nun for a headmistress. The nun in charge at my school was pretty vicious but nothing by comparison to the one at the one attended by Mrs Neighbour it seems as her nun was found guilty of the manslaughter of one of the pupils in her charge, defrocked or whatever they do to savage nuns and sent to prison! So you see abuse is happening under our very noses but somehow it escapes the radar of the majority or they become inured to it. One thing’s for sure they aren’t just random isolated cases. It is a cult.

  4. Distant Relative
    July 25, 2018 at 17:59

    The Bronfman sisters’ mother Georgiana is now married to British actor Nigel Havers whose father Michael was the Attorney General/Lord Chancellor and his aunt Baroness Butler-Schloss.

  5. Distant Relative
    July 26, 2018 at 10:06

    From today’s news ” Police looking into claims youngsters were assaulted whilst sedated with drugs” https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/live-dozens-sex-attacks-children-1823203

    All whilst under the “care” of a Home Office certified doctor.

  6. Distant Relative
    July 31, 2018 at 17:35
  7. July 31, 2018 at 19:21

    Both comments, having reviewed – what a truly lovely world we live in.

  8. Distant Relative
    August 5, 2018 at 21:25

    This is a twitter thread of 24 posts exposing how pervasive this perversion is which I hope can be accessed via this link.

    Child abuse in all its dreadful forms.

    Not about Q btw.

    • August 5, 2018 at 21:37

      Very sick people but sicker are those, like Harman, who facilitate it.

  9. Distant Relative
    August 7, 2018 at 09:18

    The attitude in France.

    Shaking my head at >

    “The identification of the potentially sexual nature of the relationship between adults and children was one of the ways of going against the bourgeois order.”

    • August 7, 2018 at 09:30

      Indeed – I’ve been following that one.

  10. Distant Relative
    August 7, 2018 at 21:13
  11. Distant Relative
    August 10, 2018 at 16:42

    There’s some really weird stuff coming out atm.

    A cryptic drop from our friend/s Q last night

    (888) 373-7888

    leads to anons digging as per usual


    That telephone number is actually advertised as the Polaris Project number so looks like it could be a front – look at the graphics pulled together by the tweeter. Should we be surprised? Er… no!

    Related: Laura Silsby now Laura Gayler tried to traffic 33 Haitian children who had in fact been missed by their parents i.e. not orphans as she tried to claim. LS/G got off the hook by Clinton. She’s now at “AlertSense”.

    From the article below>
    “Now why would a company that designs and sells first responder/Amber Alert/Emergency/FEMA systems hire someone who has been arrested and actually jailed for child trafficking, even if the charges were later reduced via the help of Clinton at the behest of Abedin…#Pizzagate”


    Nothing to see here, move along….

  12. Distant Relative
    August 15, 2018 at 09:11

    “Stunning Findings On Report Of Catholic Church Abuse: Priests Molested More Than 1,000 Children.” 14/8/2018 https://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/08/14/stunning-findings-on-report-catholic-church-abuse-pa-priests-molested-more-than-1000-children.html

    There should be enough links posted here now to show clearly what has been/is still going on world wide.

    I’m done.

    • August 15, 2018 at 10:24

      Cheers, greatly appreciated and preserved here.

  13. Distant Relative
    August 17, 2018 at 21:48


    From the article:

    “The report is the U.S. Government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking. The Department of State places each country onto one of three tiers based on the extent of their governments’ efforts to comply with the “minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking” found in Section 108 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.”

  14. August 18, 2018 at 18:02

    Yes again.

  15. Distant Relative
    August 19, 2018 at 19:13

    49 minute video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StrT02ezq9c

    “Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro: Catholic Church Cover-Up Over 300 “Predator Priests” Exposed in Grand Jury Report” Press conference.

    Listen carefully for “sophisticated cover-up” and “weaponised faith”.

  16. Distant Relative
    August 22, 2018 at 16:32


    “LONDON, Aug 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Large numbers of child slaves may be working on cannabis farms in London, experts warned on Monday, after new figures emerged showing the scale of cultivation of the illegal drug.”


    “More than 2,000 suspected child trafficking victims were referred to British authorities last year, most of them trapped in sexual exploitation, domestic servitude or forced labour.”

  17. August 22, 2018 at 16:46

    And again, just went through.

  18. Distant Relative
    August 22, 2018 at 18:15
  19. Distant Relative
    August 22, 2018 at 21:18
  20. Distant Relative
    August 23, 2018 at 08:30


    “First, the term ‘pedophilia’ is itself used as a euphemism for what is, objectively, a desire to rape or exploit children. When they redefine it as “attraction to minors,” that is an abuse of language.”

  21. Distant Relative
    August 24, 2018 at 10:18


    “The orphanage run by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul was closed in 1981. It had opened in 1864 and had more than 11,000 children placed there over 117 years.

    The bodies of approximately 400 children were discovered in grave just a few minutes way from the Smyllum orphanage in 2003.

    Two former residents, Frank Docherty and Jim Kane, previously uncovered the burial plot in an unmarked section of St. Mary’s Cemetery, where a third of the bodies belonged to children aged 5 or younger.

    “Daughters of Charity”? Sick irony.

  22. August 24, 2018 at 11:59

    All this is going to have to be collated into a series which we’ll put about.

  23. Distant Relative
    August 24, 2018 at 21:31

    Just a couple more:

    That last one puts into perspective the corruption of some NGOs using donations inappropriately. What else do they get up to? Plenty of references to that in some of the links above.

  24. August 25, 2018 at 12:02


  25. Distant Relative
    August 25, 2018 at 18:16

    “From the evidence presented, the Royal Commission considers the Jehovah’s Witness organisation relies on outdated policies and practices to respond to allegations of child sexual abuse which were not subject to ongoing and continuous review. Included in these was the organisation’s retention and continued application of policies such as the two-witness rule in cases of child sexual abuse which, the Royal Commission considered, showed a serious lack of understanding of the nature of child sexual abuse. It noted the rule, which the Jehovah’s Witness organisation relies on, and applies inflexibly even in the context of child sexual abuse, was devised more than 2,000 years ago.”


  26. Old Peculier
    August 26, 2018 at 01:38

    Hello James, D.R. Toodles and all fellow followers of this blog.

    I’ve been slowly reading this thread and still am dismayed at just how much pure evil there is in this world. Oh, before I forget, this link from above no longer seems to be working:


    It makes me wonder if someone is trying to make the evidence disappear.

    When I was a child, I believed in God, although as a family we were not overly religious. My parents took us to church ( C of E ) a few times and said it was our choice if we wanted to go to church, myself and my sisters chose not to. I can remember having to kneel at church, and the pain in my knees was agony, I was about 3 years old, have always had arthritis but was not diagnosed until my late twenties, and the overpowering smell of inscence make me ill (blimey, I’m sounding like Damien out of The Omen!)

    We were taught right for wrong, to treat others how we would want to be treated, to think about the possible consequences of our actions and to be tolerant of others and their beliefs and that if we behaved, did our best and followed the rules we would have a normal content happy at times life.

    Yet as I went through school and out into the big world beyond, time after time I saw dishonest, cruel and some downright evil people who seemed to be untouchable and had money, status and power lavished upon them whilst good and very deserving people who risked not only the reputations and jobs but sometimes their lives to do good and help others were silenced, imprisoned and in some cases I have no doubt they were murdered. I then decided that if their was a God, he was either uncaring, sociopathic, or had a very warped sense of humour.

    As i grow older and more crumbly, I’m slowly coming to think that their is a God and that their is an existence after we leave this physical world behind us.

    I would like to think that those that choose to be evil and commit such atrocious crimes as has been discussed would suffer an eternity of pain far worse than any they have inflicted on their victims, but part of me doubts that this is the case.

    Myself, if I were given the opportunity and carte blanche, I would enjoy spending some time in a room with the child abusers….but then, I’m afraid I would be no better than them for the pain I would like to inflict on them.

    Trump isn’t perfect, but he seems to be doing his best to clean out some of this filth and people like Tommy Robinson have my full support. The corrupt police, social workers and politicians who cover up cases like Rotherham should all be hung, drawn and quartered imho.

    …and now I’ll get off this soapbox before I fall off;) my apologies for waffling James, please edit or delete my ramblings as you think fit, and keep on all you wonderful folks who shine a light on this darkness in the world.

  27. Distant Relative
    August 26, 2018 at 09:58

    Thank you OP for bring that link to my attention. Interesting that the site has been suspended for ToS violations. Hmm. Thanks also for your kind words. I wish I hadn’t left so many links i.e. I wish there wasn’t so much of this disgusting stuff to discover.

    Some pics:

    Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper and two of her boys. Carter and Anderson. (Carter at the age of 23 fell off the balcony of his mother’s apartment – suicide – no note.) The image above the bed is thought to be Tanit.


    From Podesta’s art collection insert pic on bottom right – note the kiddies’ hands and feet and bottoms – red? Main pic is the Vanderbilt’s Biltmore estate.


    More from same art collection


    Artist is Biljana Durdevic – she has a website for more creepy stuff.

    “Red shoes” means something but I’m leaving that for others to follow up if they want to.

    Doing a search for “Podesta Art collection” images will bring up more in a similar vein unless someone is out with a scrubbing brush to remove them from the web.

    Article from SA:

    South African author of book exposing paedophiles commits suicide

    For historic child abuse from Hollywood see the “Baby Burlesque” films of Shirley Temple – they can be found on Youtube.

    Feel free to edit as you feel appropriate Mr H – do not want the censors to pull the plug on NO.

  28. Distant Relative
    August 27, 2018 at 15:31

    New link for the International Reporter “Podesta’s Art Collection”that WP scrubbed.

  29. Distant Relative
    August 29, 2018 at 11:53

    Documentary broken down in 6 parts:

    P1 The Lolita Riddle Intro

    P2 Nabokov’s Scientific Profile of the Paedophile

    P3 Nabokov and Lewis Carroll

    P4 Nabokov and Shirley Temple

    P5 The Riddle

    P6 Nabokov and Freud

    Make of it what you will.

  30. August 30, 2018 at 10:50

    “The Pope has a bigger agenda,” Cardinal Cupich said. “He’s got to get on with other things, of talking about the environment and protecting migrants and carrying on the work of the church. We’re not going to go down a rabbit hole on this.”

    Astounding. Great job again.

  31. Distant Relative
    September 1, 2018 at 08:57


    Also contains a short video “Child Marriage is Still Legal in the U.S”

  32. Distant Relative
    September 6, 2018 at 21:29
  33. September 7, 2018 at 04:01

    Very deep, innit?

  34. Distant Relative
    September 10, 2018 at 18:21
  35. Distant Relative
    September 11, 2018 at 09:09
  36. Distant Relative
    September 11, 2018 at 20:51

    Just watch the first 5 mins of this vid, if you will.

    Spoiler: It ain’t gory, it’s a “wtf?”


    • September 11, 2018 at 21:02

      Have to run that particular one soon, then put your links and some of my preamble in a form to blog but also start feeding onto Twitter. It’s an editorial challenge but must be done.

  37. Distant Relative
    September 20, 2018 at 17:38
  38. Distant Relative
    September 29, 2018 at 16:57

    More on the NXIVM cult. It is no surprise that the lame-stream media have not to the best of my knowledge reported all the charges facing Raniere et al.

    Pending counts include:

    Sex trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion.

    Conspiracy to commit sex trafficking of children by force, fraud or coercion.

    Attempts establish peonage, slavery, involuntary servitude, human trafficking.


  39. September 29, 2018 at 17:02

    Again, cheers, need to give myself a day to watch all.

  40. Distant Relative
    September 29, 2018 at 17:10

    Tucker Carlson re Kavanaugh debacle: Short video. https://twitter.com/CoreysDigs/status/1045902851300618240
    Tucker Carlson: “perhaps another reptilian porn lawyer will come forward with another discredited client who describes fantasies of, I don’t know, gang rape or human sacrifice or child trafficking. Maybe it will be ritual satanic abuse this time.”

    Interesting choice of fantasies.

  41. Distant Relative
    October 6, 2018 at 14:58

    Someone is doing something about this menace to society.

  42. Distant Relative
    October 7, 2018 at 10:44

    “TORONTO – In a prestigious medical journal, doctors from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children have laid out policies and procedures for administering medically assisted death to children, including scenarios where the parents would not be informed until after the child dies.”

    Not sure this belongs here but it is an interesting read, imho.

  43. Distant Relative
    October 21, 2018 at 21:16

    Former soldier/Prince Harry bodyguard spared jail for having over 10,000 ‘appalling’ child sex images.


  44. Distant Relative
    October 22, 2018 at 21:54

    Australian PM’s “National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual & Ritual Abuse.”

  45. October 23, 2018 at 01:05

    How many here Pray? I mean really Pray. I’m pretty sure no-one preys.

    We live in a Vale of Tears. Some believe that evil stalks us. Do we really believe that? Those of us who do, Pray.

    Those that might not pray, nevertheless expose and discuss and itemise the sins of the world. It is a start. The disgust is real. It is necessary. We overlook so many sins of the flesh. An acknowledgement of sorts that sin has effect. We do not want even to look. It diminishes us. Halts us in our tracks. As Toodles said of some poor woman “She is still eight years old after forty or more years.” Her life brought to a halt. That is the curse effect of sin upon her. The innocent suffer.

    Some sins inflicted stop a life altogether, tear it to pieces, burn it with salt water, sell intact bits to evil people who gleefully discuss the Mercedes they will buy with the proceeds, before that life has a chance to breathe. No-one can tell me that Evil does not stalk the souls of all people. The evidence is all around.

    Cleanse ourselves. You may not commit evil acts, but you are affected by evil all the time.


  46. Distant Relative
    October 23, 2018 at 20:35

    “Out of Darkness into the Light” series of videos from Blackstone Intelligence Network.

    pt 1 The Greatest Evil in Our World [13 mins]

    pt 2 The Horror in Omaha [12 mins]

    pt 3 The Satanic Connection [17 mins] GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS towards the end.

  47. Distant Relative
    November 10, 2018 at 11:03
  48. November 10, 2018 at 15:23

    Oops, missed it at first.

  49. Distant Relative
    November 17, 2018 at 16:29

    This is one sick b!tch. ‘Scuse my French.

    Celine Dion’s new range of kid’s clothing – skulls, pyramids, cubes, black crosses, ‘New Order’ logo and even Baphomet’s pentagram on babies’ heads.

    https://www.celinununu dot com

  50. Distant Relative
    November 24, 2018 at 17:02


    Breaks down the vid, details the company behind it and nails it, imho. Blatant in yer face symbolism from the dark side.

    • November 24, 2018 at 17:41

      Not a lot to add. There’s a Laura Loomer tweet:

      I have a list of top Hollywood pedofiles I will be dropping soon. Prepared to be shocked! #TrustTheProcess #QAnon76 #projectveritaa

      Some are saying it’s a fake a/c, that she’s still banned.

      • Distant Relative
        November 24, 2018 at 18:22

        From that thread on your twitter someone dropped this pic https://twitter.com/pkalink/status/1066188283997290496

        I find it interesting because of a Q drop months ago – the anons on 8chan did a dig and came up with info re Barry and the little girl, Maggie Nix, and her parents. Possibly Maggie was a victim of mind-control and all that entails.

        One day it will all come out. I hope I live long enough to see it all end and the perps get what they deserve. Might give those who currently have their head in the sand the screaming ab-dabs.

  51. Distant Relative
    November 25, 2018 at 17:22

    Watch from 1 min 16 onwards [about 3 mins] and tell me this – would you trust your kids’ future to any of these three creatures tied to this brand?


    • The Blocked Dwarf
      November 25, 2018 at 18:15

      Just in passing: the use by an Israeli firm of a ‘covering the right eye’ is a little perturbing, as in German the phrase ‘to be blind in the right eye ‘ or ‘not to see out of the right eye’ means to be blind to the crimes of the right wing, or purposely not wanting to notice (nor prosecute) the misdeeds of Nazis. To answer DR’s question, I certainly wouldn’t have trusted my kids’ futures to someone clearly insane, and off her meds, as CD. People mistaking psychosis for ‘passion’ I think.

  52. Distant Relative
    November 27, 2018 at 21:24


    This is old but it illustrates the fact that child sex trafficking is a World Wide problem. Also illustrates how good things can happen when nations’ intelligence agencies co-operate with each other to round up the perps.

    • November 28, 2018 at 01:41

      That is the issue. How complicit are the high ups?

  53. Old Peculier
    November 28, 2018 at 10:23

    This article is very interesting, imho it sheds even more light on the widespread trafficking of children> Where are the MSM when it comes to covering these issues?


  54. Distant Relative
    December 12, 2018 at 19:14

    A high-profile Australian with a worldwide reputation has been convicted of an awful crime. The world is talking about it and reputable overseas news sites have published lengthy stories on the case — but The Daily Telegraph and other Australian media are prohibited from telling you about it.


    SYDNEY, Australia (ChurchMilitant.com) – A jury has found Cdl. George Pell guilty on all counts related to sexually abusing two altar boys.

    According to sources who spoke to The Daily Beast, a jury returned a unanimous verdict Tuesday against the Australian cardinal after three days of deliberation. Church Militant confirmed the news with its own inside sources in Australia. Further details are unavailable, as the court has issued a suppression order to Australian media to “prevent a real and substantial risk of prejudice to the proper administration of justice.”

  55. Distant Relative
    December 16, 2018 at 10:22

    FBI Doc re the Anthony Weiner laptop/Huma Abedin(his missus)and Hillary Clinton’s email case.

    “Producers of Child Pornography”


  56. pete
    December 21, 2018 at 21:04

    I had to check out: “every President of the United States has been left-handed” – nonetheless… this lady’s writing is compelling (even though mostly above my head) – I haven’t gone through all DR’s links but I hope there maybe something of interest —

    • Distant Relative
      December 22, 2018 at 09:28

      O/T Re Anna Maria Reizinger von Reitz aka Anna von Reitz. She’s been around for a few years claiming to be a Judge. Also claimed in the past connections to the Pope.
      She persuades people to follow her instructions to get out of mortgages, debt etc. Most who do end up in serious trouble. She herself lost her house. Here’s the kind of people she associated with who also proclaimed to be a “Judge” in her circuit.
      There’s another woman Karen Hudes who used to work for the World Bank until she was sacked but Hudes still claims to be a spokeswoman for them. She and AVR have spats across the interweb periodically both spouting nonsense.

      These people came on the scene after the OPPT/Heather Tucci Jarraf scam and sucked in a lot of their deluded followers.

      Don’t take my word for it, research for yourself.

  57. pete
    December 23, 2018 at 15:01

    Thanks DR – lessons learnt

  58. Distant Relative
    December 28, 2018 at 13:26
  59. Distant Relative
    January 6, 2019 at 18:23

    Ginsburg called for reducing the age of consent for sexual acts to people who are “less than 12 years old.” (Page 102)

    Plenty more of her diabolical views at the link.

  60. Distant Relative
    January 9, 2019 at 15:19

    Twitter thread from Paul Serran worth a read, imho

    “Alice in Bloody Wonderland”

  61. January 9, 2019 at 21:37

    Shall look and ta. Slight relapse here, all fine. Shall follow links.

    Just followed the last one down that rabbit hole. Think I’d best start at your Twitter links and archive, get all this preserved.

  62. Distant Relative
    January 14, 2019 at 16:45

    “Planned Parenthood instructs child sex traffickers on how to get abortions for girls 14 and under”



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