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Appropriate comment by Chuckles on yesterday’s doings:

pain and tears

This morning I move from this universe into a parallel universe.?? Who was it said that an inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered and an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered?? Sometimes you find yourself [once or twice in your life] in such trouble that all you can really do is laugh [or drink].

Which sends a person cavalier, rather than cringing and cowering before the monster.?? From such attitudes can come total annihilation but they also contain the green shoots of survival.?? Being bold in adversity is really the only way and far better to go down in a screaming heap than to put the tail between the legs and whimper.

Hence, on this worst morning since 2008 [for me], we have a full board of posts today, just to say to the killjoys, “Up yours.”

I may see you later.