The EU wants war in this country, the Muslims consider us theirs already

#??Why is the UK’s Tory Government together with the UK’s supposedly loyal Opposition Labour hell-bent on bonding Britain to the EU with which it runs a humungous trade deficit (they sell more to us than we do to them) when we run surpluses with the USA and the Commonwealth? [Robert Kimball]

# Lord Bew, Trimble’s adviser for the Good Friday Agreement: “There is one great problem with the backstop: it does not protect the GFA. People do not have democratic control. [It] is a top-down imposition on how NI matters will be handled.” [Tom McTague]

# Exactly what we Brexiteers have been arguing all along. It is May’s deal which breaks the GFA. Leaving on WTO terms and/or agreeing an FTA does not. [Derrick Berthelsen]

# A mate skiing in St Anton was contacted this week by the local Tourist Board whom the BBC had asked to find some UK tourists who will talk about Brexit. Our mate said he’d do it; they asked how he voted; he said he was pro-Brexit; they said he wouldn’t be needed since the BBC had asked for Remainers only! [Lord Digby Jones]

# @DrPhillipLeeMP welcomed the 2017 General Election as it was “fair” for “the British people to have their say”. 92% of his constituents voted for parties committed to Brexit, reinforcing the 53% Leave vote in 2016. Now he wants ANOTHER vote! How many more times. [Leave EU]

# Treasury has ruled out online sales tax to help High St because it falls foul of EU rules. hasn’t TChancellor @PhilipHammondUK noticed we’re leaving the EU? [Andrew Pierce]

# The EU does not owe the UK a deal. And the UK does not owe the EU a deal. A Withdrawal Agreement is not required – indeed a Withdrawal Agreement covering anything other than Citizens’ Rights was a bad idea from the start. We do not need a Treaty granting us permission to Leave. [Andrew Lilico]

Coming back to the GFA, I was talking to a chap yesterday born near Newry and he was speaking of it and how May is threatening the peace something awful. ?People remember Euston and Canary Wharf, they will have noticed this latest bombing and Adams getting active again.

He asked who in their right mind would want to threaten the agreement? ?I said the EU wants because they want the Troubles visited upon the UK and in particular England again. ?And May is their poodle.

This really needs to sink in. ?I caught part of Boulton yesterday and it was lies from start to finish, interviewing all the wrong people, none of them addressing the central issues.

These traitors WANT war in England, no two ways about it. ?One can understand why Germany and France want it, but why anyone in England would is beyond normal comprehension.

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Brexit – an American perspective

From Vox:

The existence of the monarchy is often simply considered to be a quaint tourist attraction, but it has real constitutional consequences. Sovereignty is often said to reside in Parliament, but that is intellectual laziness. The sovereignty of the United Kingdom resides in “the Crown in Parliament”.

There is not US-style separation of powers in Britain. The supreme judicial function used to reside with the Law Lords sitting on the wool sack, who would sit in the House of Lords alongside all the other hereditary and non-hereditary aristocracy. The analogous position would be for Roberts, Ginsberg, Kavanaugh et al to be sitting senators with a vote on legislation in addition to being judges ruling on cases brought before them regarding that legislation. The Law Lords were replaced with a Supreme Court by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, who also excluded the hereditary aristocracy.

The hereditary aristocracy functioned to represent interests in a similar way to US senators prior to the 17th amendment. By allowing only the non-hereditary aristocracy to vote in the House of Lords, Blair turned the chamber into a pension system for failed elected politicians and government flunkies that carried water for the establishment.

Imagine Lord Eric Cantor, Lord John Boehner, Lord Paul Ryan, Lord Eric Holder, Lady Lois Lerner, and the future Lord Robert Mueller being appointed senators for life after they had been removed from their previous positions.

Fortunately, the Parliament Act of 1949 precludes the House of Lords from preventing the passage of budget legislation and also enables the House of Commons to force the passage of legislation in support of the official manifesto upon which the governing party was elected.

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Eve of destruction?

Blogging resumes at midday.

We are facing something right now that I think there’s a case to say we haven’t faced before in our lifetime, not to this extent, especially in the last item covered below.? To try to gather it into some sort of readable post, let me use four main subheadings:

The megalomania of Pelosi

President Donald Trump ended his standoff with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) over the State of the Union speech by tweeting that he would postpone the event as she originally requested.

There are shots of her ecstatic, as though she’s won some great victory over the man she so hates and that speaks volumes to many who think these things through.

She has no understanding, she calls Trump the megalomaniac but he has two things over her:

1. He is President and she’s not, though she claimed she was “equal to him”.

That’s what we’re dealing with here and the motif comes up again further down.